Updated – Opensim Install and Configuration Tutorial

This tutorial assumes that you’ve already gone through the Updated – MySQL Installation Guide first, and have the MySQL database running on your machine. If you haven’t, I suggest you go to the main page and look up that article! One more caveat: The window installers always lag the current development versions by a bit. […]

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Updated – MySQL Installation Guide

I still get a bazillion hits on the MySQL install guide part of this blog, so I thought it would be a good idea to revisit that and true it up a little. Lets get started, shall we? Fire up your favorite browser and go to the following URL: http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/ If that fails because they’ve […]

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Opensimulator is the future of the ‘3D Web’. Open code, open protocols. Sure, there are closed-off implementations that promise a few bells and whistles, but once you’ve experienced the power of running your own simulator, you won’t want to return to the walled garden again.

I build primarily, and I enjoy the fact that I can export my content to a safe backup that I control. Using a simple command at the console, “save oar <filename>.oar” my whole region is backed up, safe and sound. When I first started, I wanted this feature immediately. Now, with opensim I can build my heart out and know that off-site backup is possible and not locked away in server farm out of my reach.

You can link regions into your own creative collective, have a private grid at home or a standalone to let your kids learn on without any interference. It is the power of collaborative 3D spaces where it belongs, in the hands of everyone.

Happy opensim-ing!