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**** UPDATE – While a few people have downloaded the virtual machine, apparently there isn’t enough interest for seeding – which of course undermines the whole point of using a torrent-based distribution system. If anyone is interested in hosting the file, or perhaps has access to seed it reliably, I’d be very interested. I’ll have to pull the links for now until someone has an option that makes sense for sharing large files. Was fun while it lasted!


Been a while, eh?

Don’t worry about it. I’ve been busy with a lot of things, one of them is trying to package up an opensim server into a virtual machine so you can try it out without having to go through a whole bunch of steps. The final product is a VMWare machine image that uses Debian 5, mono (for scripting and running the server), MySQL (database) and Opensimulator. I’ve included a README file in the zipped archive that gives you the user and password info for logging in, plus more after you log in on the desktop.

All I ask is you please attempt to seed this so it can be spread to everyone interested in running opensim. The extracted files total about 4GB, the zip is about 2GB.

Once you log in and start the server, you can download or configure your viewer to connect! It really is one of the easiest ways to get used to working with the opensim server, since all the work has been done for you.

Torrent link: (Sorry, this has been redacted until I can get someone to seed or host this file outright…)

You’ll need a bittorrent client like this one to download it:

And again, this is all software that is freely available – the virtual machine can be run using VMWare’s free player, and I believe some of the opensource players as well. Check the README for details once you get it started and login.

Happy opensim-ing!


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