Customizing The Virtual Machine

So, you’ve patiently waited for the download to finish, and you’ve gotten to the point where you have the server running. You’ll notice after you connect with your viewer, that the region is named “Sandbox” by default, and because of how the server was set up, you are “Opensim User”.

That is okay for a proof-of-concept, but I’m sure you want to make things more personalized. Here’s how to tweak a few things.

In the server window, you should see a prompt that reads: “Region (Sandbox) #”

This is showing you what region you are currently issuing commands to, named “Sandbox” which is the default. To view a list of helpful commands, type “help” without quotes. You’ll be presented with a long list, which you can scroll to view using the side scroll button on the terminal window.

The one that we’re interested in for now is “create user”.

Lets create a new user! Type the following into the terminal window:

create user Builder McBuilderson build

The format for this command is:

create user <First Name> <Last Name> <Password>

You’ll be prompted for the start region coordinates, which in this case the default of 1,000 is is fine for X and Y. This just sets the initial login coordinates, you can always assign a different home position and such later.

After hitting enter, you’ll see a bunch of “Adding folder” lines that occurs when a new user is created.

Go back to your viewer, and log out of the sim if you are still sitting there under the Opensim User avatar. Start it up again, and use the new First, Last and password you just created to log in.

You may see “you last location is not available, you have been moved to another region” message if you left the method of logging in to “Last location”. This is harmless, and you’ll end up in the middle of the Sandbox sim under your new user name.

Not bad! I’m sure you are sick of looking at the default ‘Ruth’ avatar. Lets change that too.

Before we begin, a few caveats – not sure why the Opensim server that I’m running does this (perhaps a dev could chime in?) but I’ve noticed that you can create new items and wear them, but upon logging out and relogging, you will appear gray until you edit your appearance. Also, removing everything then re-wearing them seems to fix most problems, but if you’ve edited your skin and worn it, sometimes the face is greyed out. But if you at least want to change your gender and walk around in some different clothing, here’s how:

In the viewer, click View -> Inventory

In the Inventory window, you’ll need to create new items before you attempt to edit your appearance.

Select the Clothing folder, right click and select New Clothes -> and the item you’d like to try customizing. Lets just do a New Shirt and New Pants for now.

Rename these to whatever you’d like, and then right click them and select Wear.

You now can right click on your avatar and select Appearance.

Click the item you’ve created under the Clothes tabs on the left side, and start messing around with styles and colors to your hearts content. Click the Save button to commit your changes, or Revert if you’ve made a mistake and want a chance to re-do things.

After doing that, you’ll have something you would (hopefully) want to wear while building and scripting.

Click Save All on the bottom button row, and then Close when you are done.

If you’d like to change gender, select the Body Parts folder in your inventory, right-click and select New Body Parts -> New Shape

Name this what you’d like, and then Wear it. While editing your appearance, Shape is the first button on the left hand side that gets selected by default. There are two small radio buttons on the lower left hand side of the inset window. Just select Male, and you’ve changed over! Mess with the sliders and save when done like before.

That was fun, lets do something else. How about changing the name of your region from “Sandbox”? I’m sure you can come up with a more creative name than that.

Make sure to quit out of the viewer before doing this next step. Also, you’ll need to issue the “shutdown” command (no quotes) in the server window before continuing.

Leave the terminal window open, you’ll need to restart the server again soon.

Use the Debian toolbar on top, click Places and then select Regions from the dropdown.

This will open a window that shows one file, “Regions.ini”

Go ahead and double left-click on it, to open it in the text editor.

You’ll see a name in brackets. In this case, it will be the default [Sandbox]. Just edit the name inside these brackets to what you’d like. While you’re here, change the MastarAvatar entries to reflect the new user name you’ve come up with, and the password.

Now save the file and go back to your terminal window. Bring the server back up by typing “mono OpenSim.exe” (without quotes). After the usual flurry of initialization you’ll see something different, the simulator command prompt now shows the name you changed the region to!

Go ahead and start up the viewer, and log in as usual. You’ll see that the region name up top in the viewer is changed as well.

Go ahead and have fun changing the name around using the steps above, and creating some users.



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